Energy markets are changing at greater rates than experienced for several decades, driven by the rise of renewables including solar power, smart meters, the smart grid, more data, the internet and, in gas, improved extraction technology. This is an environment of change and uncertainty unfamiliar to most who work in and around the electricity and gas markets.

Energy Link’s first electricity price forecast was published in 1997 and since then we have literally produced hundreds of up-to-the-minute forecasts of prices in both the electricity and gas markets.  The forecasts are produced using complex market models, but we rely on our insight to formulate the key inputs to the models, which ultimately drive the evolution of market behaviour and prices.  All of our forecast modelling produces outputs including spot prices for electricity, well-head gas prices, electricity generation, gas production and reserves, electricity and gas demand, power flows on the electricity transmission grid, historical inflows into hydro lakes dating back to 1931, the impact of electrical losses on spot prices and more.

We support clients with

  • Forecasts of electricity and gas prices up to 16 years out (and further out on request)
  • Market intelligence based on our extensive and constant search for relevant market information
  • Our views on how the markets will evolve over time