Energy Link’s extensive knowledge and experience built up over almost two decades, starting even prior to the establishment of the spot market in October 1996. We constantly strive to seek additional knowledge and to apply this to improve our understanding and modelling of the electricity and gas markets to benefit our clients.

Of course, this knowledge upderpins everything we do, but it manifests directly as we support clients using our expertise and resources.

  • We provide consulting and advisory services with our commitment to giving independent tailored advice and the support that you need
  • We specialise in helping you assess strategic opportunities, assess market risks, manage risk through Hedging, develop Procurement strategies and establish market operations
  • Our Modelling Capabilties, along with our range of standard Forecasts, informs you on how electricity and gas markets are likely to evolve over time
  • Our range of one day Training Courses covers basic operation of the electricity market, nodal dispatch and pricing, and hedging for electricity