The electricity and gas markets are complex, and there is a lot of money at stake.  With 20 years of experience as analysts working in the New Zealand electricity and gas markets we have knowledge and tools to apply to a wide range of complex business problems where finding answers requires careful and insightful analysis of the market, modelling of scenarios, or professional guidance.

Energy Link’s areas of expertise include:

  • detailed Grid modelling including the impact of new generation or load on prices, power flows, occurrence of constraints, HVDC link, and more
  • the hedge markets (futures, CFDs, financial transmission rights, options)
  • hedging strategy
  • hedge valuations
  • new generation investigations, effect on price and location and constraints, generation optimisation and valuation
  • nodal dispatch and pricing issues
  • forecasting of demand for electricity and gas
  • forecasting and modelling of new technologies including solar photovoltaic and electric vehicles
  • energy business strategy and analysis

 As a client once put it, at Energy Link we "live and breathe electricity".