Energy Link’s Ellserve contract management and utility information service is a fully featured package which includes:

  • Energy Link as your partner, constantly monitoring your energy and utility invoices to ensure that you are charged what you agreed to, and no more, and that errors and issues are detected and dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • the Ellserve online energy and utility information system which gives you ready access to your data via a secure web site
  • capturing and managing GHG data down to Scope 3, for use in GHG and sustainability reporting.

Careful contract management is the insurance you need to ensure that you minimise energy and utility costs. Good information is the foundation upon which an Energy and Utility Management program is built.

Cost and consumption data capture

  • Invoices are captured by Ellserve directly from suppliers’ web sites, or other electronic feeds
  • Half hourly metering and other interval data captured from retailer, meter service provider or any source available by secure access over the internet (or upload from file supplied by email)
  • Environmental data from published data sources (e.g. NIWA in NZ) – this data may be used, for example, to compare electricity consumption to temperature (degree-day) data

Invoice reconciliation

  • Electronic invoices are checked for errors on receipt directly from suppliers
  • Billing issues are resolved at source or reported to the client as required
  • Formatted files of invoicing data are provided for direct import into financial systems
  • Direct input of invoice details into accounts payable systems via electronic data interchange protocols.


  • Flexible, user-definable account grouping for reporting
  • Versatile, on-screen reporting by account, supply point (ICP for electricity and gas), invoice and a wide range of custom categories
  • Powerful on-screen filtering to find just the information you are looking for
  • Dynamic charting capability which maps cost, consumption, emissions and climate data
  • Easy-to-use report generator with reusable report definitions
  • Half hourly interval data charting and statistics
  • Invoice details
  • Automated threshold-based exception reporting (e.g.):
    • Consumption thresholds
    • Tariff changes
    • KVArh tracking
  • Monthly reports:
    • Billing issue tracking
    • Consecutive estimates
    • Consumption anomalies (using statistical methods including normalisation for environmental factors such as degree-day heating)
    • General performance.
  • Quarterly reports
    • Ellserve performance statistics
    • Savings estimates
    • Fixed price and hedge contract renewal reminders.
  • Custom reports:
    • Benchmarking
    • Hedge portfolio performance
    • Ad hoc (single purpose reporting).


  • Continuous cost and consumption forecasts for all accounts
  • Budgets fixed annually and made available on the Ellserve web site.

Energy and Utility Management

Assistance to:

  • Benchmark sites and target those with the greatest potential for energy and utility savings
  • Conduct cost-benefit analyses and co-ordinate energy audits and other technical assessments.