A strategy to reduce energy costs is built on three principles:

  • Hi-quality information - capture, analyse and monitor accurate cost and consumption data for all of your energy consuming sites;
  • Smarter energy purchasing - widen the number of potential suppliers, make competition work for you and understand the intricacies of the energy markets;
  • Monitoring and targeting - set in place management processes which monitor energy cost and consumption, identify sites that are performing poorly and take action to reduce unit rates and eliminate waste.

The majority of larger energy consumers are supplied under ‘fixed price variable volume’ (FPVV) arrangements, but we also specialise in ‘hedging arrangements’ and split spot/FPVV arrangements.

Energy Link provides a full range of services to reduce energy costs for larger energy consumers:

  • Develop and implement high level energy strategies;
  • Make smarter energy purchasing decisions using Energy Link as your adviser and broker;
  • Capture energy invoices electronically;
  • Energy invoice reconciliation and checking;
  • Access your energy data from multiple suppliers from our secure web site;
  • Implement risk management and hedging strategies;
  • Value hedges for accounting purposes;
  • Target energy wastage and improve efficiency;
  • Calculate and monitor CO2 emissions;
  • Learn more about the electricity and gas markets in our training courses.