There are only two ways to reduce energy costs: reduce the prices you pay for your energy, or reduce the energy you consume.

Getting energy procurement right is the key to reducing the prices you pay. But it can be a complex and daunting process. By being a smarter player in the competitive energy markets you can minimise your energy prices. Despite rising energy costs, there is increasing competition to supply you with energy.

Download our eBook "Procure Electricity Like an Expert" and discover the five essentials for getting the best power deal for your business.  You will discover the tactics that we employ on behalf of our clients to get the best possible deals.  With over 20 years of experience, we've developed and refined these tactics and we know that they work when employed correctly.  They concern timing, leveraging the value of the data that is available to you, and maximising the opportunity for electricity retailers to respond with their best pricing.  

And if the process is still too daunting, or time consuming, then the Energy Exchange is designed for large electricity consumers, typically spending more than $75,000 per annum across their sites, or with many sites. The Energy Exchange gets better deals faster.  Energy Link will run your re-contracting process through Energy Exchange on your behalf.

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