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Both the CFD and FPVV indexes eased off this month bringing the main index down by 0.6 c/kWh to 15.0 c/kWh, a fall of 3.8%, which partially offset...
Total storage decreased 87.4 GWh over the last week.
Yesterday, daily averages were $53.61 at Benmore, $94.57 at Haywards, and $103.94 at Otahuhu. Wind generation averaged 313MW.  
Yesterday, daily averages were $92.68 at Benmore, $98.28 at Haywards, and $107.20 at Otahuhu.

Plan and Execute your Energy Strategy with Confidence

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Energy markets are changing at greater rates than ever before, driven by the emergence of renewables such as solar power, climate change policy, smart meters, the smart grid, ever increasing access to data and the reach and scope of the internet. You need to work smarter and choose your partners carefully.

As an energy consumer, key strategic decisions involve contracting energy supply, managing energy contracts and using energy efficiently. As a market participant, key strategic decisions are around managing spot price risk, be it through owning generation or hedging. Energy Link has knowledge, insight, and systems to give you Decision Power to support energy strategy.

Our energy contract management and energy information system giving you the control you need, to minimise and manage your energy costs.

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  • Reduce Energy Costs
    • Forecasts your energy consumption and cost, by site.
    • Identifies energy and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Simple Invoice Processing
    • Energy invoices direct from your retailer.
    • Thoroughly checks invoices to identify errors.
    • Resolves any billing issues.
    • Authorises correct invoices for payment.
    • Checks for anomalies in your energy use.
  • Valuable Performance Reports
    • Energy Costs and Consumption, Financial Forecasting / Budgeting
    • CO2 Emissions and Benchmarking
  • CO2 Emission Reductions
  • Option to include water, waste and carbon reporting
Energy Strategy
An energy strategy is a road map for maximising the value from energy, be it involving consumption, production or trading of energy.

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Our role in energy strategy is to help you maximise the value you gain from energy markets and energy information.

  • Plan new plant, optimise generation offers, assess risk
  • Assess opportunities in electricity and gas markets
  • Get the best deals on electricity and gas supply
  • Manage energy contracts to minimise energy cost over time
  • Capture, store and use energy consumption and cost data
  • Develop and manage energy management policy and programs
A hedge "locks in" future electricity prices - reducing uncertainty and minimising risk. HedgeSafe supports your electricity hedging function.

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HedgeSafe is our comprehensive suite of electricity hedging services, covering everything from the valuation of a single hedge to the development of corporate risk management policy.

  • Strategic Hedging Decisions
  • Portfolio Recommendations and Review
  • Buying and Selling Hedges
  • Hedge Performance Monitoring

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