In 1996 the New Zealand electricity industry changed forever, leaving behind the days of central planning and embracing deregulation and competition.  Energy Link was created by Managing Director, Greg Sise, to assist smaller players compete in the newly deregulated wholesale electricity spot market.  In the years since, many things have stayed the same, but many more have changed and at an ever increasing rate.  Today, the future evolution of the electricity industry is undergoing unprecedented change as the high cost of energy and its impact on the climate, have created their own climate in which technology is driving change down to the lowest levels - your home.  Energy Link has responded to these challenges since 1996 and is recognised as a leader in the fields of procurement, risk management and hedging for electricity, software and systems for managing energy.

Energy Link is not an energy trader - we cannot sell you energy, hedges or other financial instruments.  We are non-aligned and provide independent services to electricity and natural gas market participants, larger energy users, lines companies, independent retailers and generators, local government, government agencies and the investment community.

Almost two decades on, we have the people, databases, and specialised in-house and online software systems to support our clients through all stages of development and execution of their energy strategies.

Our three indices for fixed price electricity contracts – CFD, FPVV and mixed CFD/FPVV - are published monthly in our FREE Energy Trendz publication.  The indices are widely used for assessing electricity contracts and are referred to in publications produced by the Electricity Authority.

And finally, we have a reputation for providing high quality service and a degree of expertise that is unequalled in the industry.  We are sought out by New Zealand’s blue chip companies and by government to help with the “big, tough” energy decisions.  As a client once said, we “eat, sleep and breath” electricity.  Our services include:

Energy Link gives our clients Decision Power.